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we work at the intersection of commercial enterprise and social good

We do this by developing

  • Media Content
  • Communication Platforms
  • Key Partnerships to get the job done

We draw on these synergies to

  • Build Awareness
  • Lift Brands
  • Prompt Action
  • Generate Measurable Results

Engaging the Public.

i.e. network was founded to help our clients go beyond merely reaching the public – and actually ENGAGE them.

Volume alone won’t get you there. You must communicate honestly, authentically and credibly. Which means that it’s not enough just to be aligned with your audience’s interests; you must share their ideals. It’s not enough to buy media, win coverage by traditional media, or even leverage the power of new media. While these tactics have their place, the REAL play is to BE the media.

We engage the public by uniting commercial enterprises with organizations and causes that the public supports and trusts. Then by leveraging our networks to develop not only the strategies, but also the CONTENT and the PLATFORMS needed to accomplish the collective goals.

The Reality is: Public and non-profit entities hold the public’s trust, but lack the resources to win their attention.

Conversely, commercial enterprises can get the public’s attention, but face challenges in winning their trust. Yet both are required to generate meaningful action.

We advance specific agendas and realize grand visions by making the best use – of all the tools at our collective disposal – to get results.

i.e. network leverages each of two worlds for the benefit of each other: Elevating commercial enterprise with the credibility of public interest and advancing public interest by way of commercial enterprise.

We don’t just straddle these worlds, we connect and cross-pollinate them. We energize and activate them to achieve measurable results. We bring together big ideas, talented people, and diverse capabilities to Inform and Engage.



Broadcast Production

We produced a 30-minute television special for UnitedHealthcare on the aging of America and its impact on the healthcare system… for placement in key markets around the US.


Digital Development

We produced an online health & wellness challenge in partnership with the Biggest Loser Television show.  Registering more than 30,000 competitors in a matter of weeks.

too much to lose

Coalition Building

We engaged bi-partisan members of the US Senate and House of Representatives to create the Congressional Wellness Caucus for the promotion of workplace wellness.


Dawn Owens

Former CEO, Optum

Rick Kupchella is a strong partner and a talented coalition builder. His ability to bring a diverse group together and create understanding, alignment and action is second to none. OptumHealth has participated in, as well as benefited from many of the ventures and activities spearheaded by Rick and his team.

Joshua Riff, MD MBA

Medical Director, Target Corporation

Through Rick’s leadership and work with the i.e. network and the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota, Target worked with other major Minnesota corporations to share key strategies and insights around employee health improvement. As a collaborator he helped us see beyond the walls of our own businesses to advance not just healthier workplaces, but a healthier community. He is a phenomenal moderator, inspirational story teller, and a great gatherer of people.

John Haugen

VP General Mills, Health & Wellness Center for Excellence

Rick is a visionary thinker and great collaborator. His efforts in leading the MN Alliance were outstanding, bringing together partners from across the public and private sector to create innovative approaches to health and wellness. Given his deep communications experience, he is able to drive messaging to drive real action.


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