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The Echo Effect
Spreading Cargill’s Message To Key Stakeholders

Using social intelligence, i.e. network helped Cargill uncover a broader audience, develop content highly relevant to that group and engage with a defined set of decision makers. Watch the animation to see the results and learn about the tools used.

“Visionary thinkers and great collaborators…”

John Haugen
VP General Mills, Health & Wellness Center for Excellence

“We went from having no program, to one that generated significant leads . . . and closed multiple leads . . . reaching the target audience with surgical precision. . .”

Paul Hillen
CMO, Cargill

“Inspirational storytellers. . .”

Josh Riff
CMD, Target

“Their ability to bring a diverse group together and create understanding, alignment and action is second to none.”

Dawn Owens
CEO, Optum Health

“. . . a strong partner for our content marketing campaigns. They really know our business . . . and are tremendous producers.”

Leslie Cozatt
Director of Marketing / Strategy, Optum/Provider

“i.e. network challenged us to think differently about how we connect with customers in a way that drove 15 times the traffic of our traditional approach.”

Bryan Smith
Marketing Manager, Tennant