We bring the journalistic equities of credibility, trust and consumer appeal to brands.

We know how to tell the stories specific target audiences are seeking.

We build content & distribution strategies designed to resonate with that audience.

And we measure results.

Featured Case Study


The Echo Effect
Spreading Cargill’s Message To Key Stakeholders

Using social intelligence, i.e. network helped Cargill uncover a broader audience, develop content highly relevant to that group and engage with a defined set of decision makers. Watch the animation to see the results and learn about the tools used.

The i.e. network is a strong partner with talented coalition builders. Their ability to bring a diverse group together and create understanding, alignment and action is second to none. OptumHealth has participated in, as well as benefited from many of the ventures and activities spearheaded by the i.e. network team.

Dawn Owens
Former CEO, Optum

Through leadership and work from the i.e. network and the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota, Target worked with other major Minnesota corporations to share key strategies and insights around employee health improvement. As collaborators, the i.e. network helped us see beyond the walls of our own business to advance not just healthier workplaces, but a healthier community. Rick Kupchella is phenomenal moderator, inspirational storyteller and a great gatherer of people.

Joshua Riff, MD MBA
Medical Director, Target Corporation

The i.e. network includes visionary thinkers and great collaborators. Their efforts in leading the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota were outstanding, bringing together partners from across the public and private sector to create innovative approaches to health and wellness. Given their deep communication experience, they are able to drive messaging to drive real action.

John Haugen
VP General Mills, Health & Wellness Center for Excellence