Case Study

Cargill: The Echo Effect

Finding and influencing the right decision-makers.

The Client

Cargill is a privately held food corporation that works in 70 companies and has 155,000 employees. The company has been operating for 155 years and has $114.6 billion in annual revenue.

The Challenge

Cargill engaged IEN to help influence sales of new highvalue, supply chain management services. The goal was to launch a profitable consultancy practice around Responsible Supply Chains. 

The Process

Finding and informing highly influential targets  to achieve business goals.

Using social intelligence, i.e. network helped Cargill uncover a broader audience, develop content highly relevant to that group and engage with a defined set of decision-makers. 

The Results

IEN produced relevant industry news and timely, highvalue content that was distributed via Cargill SMEs aimed at 66 influential targets. The animation below shows the results and tools used. By precisely targeting customers, Cargill saw their conversions grow in a matter of just a few months. The content Cargill published was being socialized by a large percentage of targets, resulting in leads coming into Cargill.